A good use for Prezi !

Stephen Downes hasn’t managed to provoke any action in me recently, other than to leave his daily email unread. He has enjoyed talking about MOOCs much more than is healthy for months now, and I could take no more.

I’m especially glad therefore, that I decided to have glance through a couple of his mails this afternoon (as writing letters all day had lost its shine) and opened the one that talked about this really rather good use for Prezi.

People seem to either love Prezi, or loath it (except me … I’m still undecided). If you are a loather, bear with me for a minute and at least have a look at the link below before you leave. You might even like it !

Philosophy Paper - Prezi

Philosophy Paper - Prezi

It is used in this case, to show a run through of the constituent parts of a short Philosophy paper. How it should be written. How it should be laid out. What elements you need to put in there to keep your lecturer happy etc. It is done very nicely too. I know we don’t have a Philosophy department anymore, and some of the aspects may not apply, but it got me thinking … so I’m sure it might do the same for some of you !

Have a look by clicking the image above, or the link below:


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  1. I liked this presentation too. Works very well with the medium.

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