Absolutely outstanding….

Many of you signed up members of the Learning Lab will be familiar with the Alan Levine’s CogDogBlog (and if you aren’t grab the RSS feed today!). Well today, Alan published an article on how he used cooliris to put together an amazing presentation on e-learning. You just have to see it to believe it! (Cooliris is a browser plugin, you will need Firefox or Internet Explorer to play with the presentation.)

I’d urge you all to take some time to explore the presentation as you listen to the accompanying audio recording (available as an MP3). You may never go back to PowerPoint again!

I’m pretty sure that Matthew Allan mentioned coolris at a recent lunch-and-learn. But here you can really see why it might be a big deal.
Follow Up
Having investigated a little further, it looks like cooliris requires a bit more technical input than PowerPoint does. You have to upload the presentation information to a web site and then provide a suitable XML file for cooliris to process. There is a WordPress plugin and a developer tool PicLens Publisher that can be used to create cooliris presentations, but (so far as I can tell) there is no hosting service as yet. I wonder if it would work with packaged files on Blackboard?

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