Adding a Wiki to Blackboard and Jing!

In today’s excellent lunch-and-lean session, Matthew Allen told us how to take the fear out of e-learning by thinking about how traditional teaching methods may be enhanced by technology. In other words, we should regard e-learning is a means to an end, and not the end itself. These insights are worthy of wider dissemination, but I have something else to share here.

In the conversation over lunch, someone wondered if there couldn’t be a demo of how to add a wiki to a Blackboard site. Someone else mentioned that Jing might be a quick way to get demo into video form that could be distributed to students. As a member of the learning lab community, I thought “I can Do That!” So here I am killing one bird with two stones by using Jing to create the wiki demo. In another blog article over in @the.coalface I explain how I to use Jing to create a screen cast of an e-learning activity and embed the resulting flash movie video into Blackboard.
The resulting screencast is a bit big to embed on this page, but you can reach it by following this link.


  1. Great video Chris

  2. Why thank you! It’s a challenge with Jing to get everything down to 5 minutes and it took three or four attempts. But it works well for little demos like this.

    I want to do one on recording with Jing and posting on Blackboard. Might have to use Camtasia to record the Jing interaction which is sort of meta-screencasting!

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