After Fellowship What Next ?

Congratulations! Gaining Fellowship of the HEA is just the start of the professional recognition for your teaching and learning expertise.

Once you gain Fellowship (at whatever category), you must continue to remain in good standing.

What is ‘Good Standing’?
The Higher Education Academy defines remaining in good standing as:
“continuing to work in accordance with the standard indicated by the relevant Fellow Descriptor of the UKPSF”.

The expectation that Fellows remain in good standing is implicit in the UKPSF. Fellows are also expected to continue professional development (CPD) and to adhere to this Code of Practice for Fellows of the HEA.

How to remain in ‘Good Standing’?
Members of staff should do this on a three yearly basis. This can be evidenced via the following activities:
• Continued professional development through for example participating in a range of CPD offered by SALT, HEA workshops at a national and discipline level
• Developing and delivering teaching and enhancement activities for colleagues beyond the university
• Undertaking pedagogic research
• Engaging in continued review of teaching practise and
• significant events such as nomination for or receipt of awards and/or career progression.

Further details regarding maintaining good standing is on the HEA Website.

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