Do you have an excellent lecturer ? Is your teacher outstanding ? Do you think your tutor is amazing ?

Has a librarian salvaged your referencing ? Did Student Services fix your finances ? Did your College Office save your enrolment ?

If so please recognise their efforts by nominating them for the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award / Excellence in Student Support Award 2017-18

Feel free to nominate from either Semester ONE this year (2017 / 18), or Semester TWO last year (2016 / 17)

ELTA - ESSA Output 2017

Remember …

*** You can only nominate once for each award !! ***

Make your nomination a good one ! Click here or on the image on the right to see the sorts of comments and the detail we are looking for (taken from last year’s winning nominations) …

The more information you can give us, the better.

No-one can win if they’ve won in the last three years (i.e. 2014-15, 2015-16 or 2016-17). Don’t waste your vote … check this link below before you nominate:

People who can’t win this year

To nominate your lecturer / tutor / teacher for the Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award, please click here.

(Remember … you can only make one nomination for this award !)

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To nominate a member of support staff (non-teaching) / team for the Excellence in Student Support Award, please click here.

(Remember … you can only make one nomination (individual person or team) for this award !)

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Nominations are now open for the awards and will remain open until the end of the January Exam Period.


The small print …

The Excellence in Learning and Teaching / Student Support Awards are awarded annually to those members of staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the student learning experience, either through teaching or through support. We want you to recognise your excellent lecturer, amazing tutor, life saving librarian or genius College office (or anyone else who has really helped you for that matter) by nominating them for one of the new awards.

The Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award is open to individual members of Teaching Staff and the Excellence in Student Support Award is open to both individuals and groups of support staff across the university.

The Awards demonstrate the appreciation by students of the quality of the teaching and or support that they have received, and all students will be given the opportunity to nominate their chosen member of staff for this award.

The process starts with students nominating staff members for an award. If a member of staff gets two or more nominations, they will go forward to the judging panel and we will ask for statements from their college / department to support the nominations.

The panel is made up of the Pro Vice Chancellor for Student Experience, the Director of the Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching, either the Student Union President or the Education officer and holders of the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Award. The panel will then give out nine awards, at least one of which will be for student support.

The members of staff to be given awards are decided on purely on the strength of the evidence provided in the nominations, and then (to a lesser extent) the supporting statements. It is the nominations that win the awards … so make them good ! The better your nomination, the better the chance your nominated person / team has of winning …

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