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Colleagues and readers may be interested to know that I have published an article on using Blackboard’s External Links to quickly create a useful presence on Blackboard. I think that the tip will be particularly useful if the thing that’s preventing you migrating course materials to Blackboard is the effort needed to upload your documents and maintain them thereafter. I have a few other suggestions and short cuts that I’ve learned over the years and I hope to share these with you over the coming week and months. You’ll find the tip and the future tips in my new Swansea Blog blog @the.coalface. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. This is a very neat way to disseminate material through BB.
    I do like the idea of storing documents on line using applications such as Windows Live, Google Docs and then simply linking to them from BB.
    One thing I will say about Google Docs is that althouth you can upload a PowerPoint presentation for example it stuggles to replicate more complex media in my experience, so I would recommend creating and editing in Google Docs if you are going to use this method.
    Windows Live (SkyDrive)is simply a file storage so its a case of uploading and replacing a file when you want to edit a file.
    I have not explored the others that you talk about, but will do in due course. Many thanks for the tip.

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