Continuing Professional Development

SALT CPD Framework

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The SALT CPD Framework is pedagogically driven and underpinned by evidence. It is mapped to the HEA UKPSF and will incorporate Open Digital Badges where possible.

Its aims are to:

  1. Support all staff to continually improve the quality of teaching
  2. Offer a programme of professional development activities for all staff
  3. Set expectations in relation to professional development
  4. Develop and support a wide range and broad definition of CPD
  5. Improve the quality of the student learning and outcomes for students

It is made up of the following main elements:

PGCert as CPD

Conference and Seminar / Workshop Programme

Our annual conference is always one of the highlights of the SALT calendar. You can see this year’s conference web site by clicking here.

Or find links to previous year’s conferences here.

This year will also be seeing the return of the SALT seminar programme, which will be themed on the 7 Characteristics of a Good Teacher (click here for details).

Open Door Teaching

Open Door Teaching


Open door teaching is a CPD approach pioneered at Curtin University in Western Australia, which is now being developed here at Swansea.

It is a collegial approach to sharing excellent teaching practice, by simply watching good teachers teach and talking to them about it afterwards.

For more information, click here.

PGCert as CPD

PGCert for New Teaching Staff

The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education has been housed in SALT for two years and we are just about to start with our third cohort of students.

Details of the programme can be found by clicking here.

Swansea Application Route

Swansea Application Route for HEA Fellowship

The accredited Swansea in-house Application Route (SAR) for HEA fellowship has been running for four years and has resulted in a 480% increase in fellowship numbers. Swansea now has over 500 fellows and continues on an upwards trajectory !

Find more information on the process and what we can do to help you by clicking here.

PGCert Elements as CPD

Bite Size Elements of PGCert HE for ALL Staff

Patches from the PGCert made available to all, even if you’re not doing the PGCert.

For example, Inclusivity.

Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning


TEL themed support and development sessions are available from SALT throughout the year, and can be found under Events.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) CPD Week: Monday 13th – Friday 17th May

Throughout this week, SALT is offering a variety of ways to learn more about Technology Enhanced Learning and its innovative use for learning and teaching.

Swansea University staff from all disciplines are invited to engage in any of the following CPD opportunities, to help develop knowledge and skills:

  • Dip into our TEL Padlet
  • Come to our Face to Face Event – 7Cs Seminar , Becoming a Better Teacher – A Flipped Approach, with Dr Nigel Francis, The Bay Campus, 15/05/19 , 13:00 – 14:00
  • Take Part in our TEL Talks – New To SALT’s CPD Provision

Full Details, including an Adobe Spark Page on the TEL Talks, can be found on our website, by clicking here

PGCert as CPD

CPD from your seat

A selection of self-contained CPD. Some small and some big !

For example:

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