Canvas: How do I use Chat as an Instructor ?

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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Image of mobile phone and laptopThis is a brief Canvas Guide to using the Canvas Chat tool as an instructor. This tool, when made visible in the course navigation menu, allows everyone on a course, both teachers and students, to chat together in real time. Emojis are available along with text, giving the tool a social media feel. Chat History is accessible to all course members and instructors are able to delete any messages that they deem inappropriate.

One way of using Chat is for the instructor to arrange to be available for questions/discussion at a certain day/time each week. Like any real-time Chat tool, Canvas’ Chat tool is open to abuse/bullying so agreeing a Chat etiquette with students before making it available to them is recommended. See resources on Netiqutte in this category.

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