Getting started with Active Learning

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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Students using technologyAn online unit-based resource that serves as an introduction to active learning. This has been developed by Cambridge International Education Teaching and Learning Team. The resource covers the basics of active learning, provides a definition and introduces the theory behind active learning, highlighting constructivism, social constructivism and the Zone of Proximal Development.

It shares the benefits of an active learning approach and some common misconceptions. It includes an active learning checklist with reflection questions to help you consider key aspects prior to getting started, which will help you with your planning. It provides practical examples of how teachers have used active learning with their students. It provides guidance on the next steps, covering observation, planning and research, with links to further resources. This is a good basic introduction to active learning and will help to get you started, however it is devised more for the school sector as opposed to HE.

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