My First Prezi

Apart from providing context for the HEFCw-funded enhancement project “A Peer Support Platform”, the engineering dissertation module EG-353 Research Project provides many opportunities for trying out and sharing new and novel presentation media. One particular presentation, Research Tools and Techniques, is a show case of web 2.0 tools for managing research and dissertation projects. Last year I was able to use Flowgram to provide a narrated guided tour to a number of useful web sites and web applications. With the demise of the Flowgram service, all I have of the original presentation is a video. So this year, I thought I’d give Prezi a go. And here is that guided tour re-done as a Prezi presentation. You can navigate around by pressing the next and previous arrows. Or you can explore by panning and zooming.

In Flowgram, live web sites were added by URL. In Prezi, you have to get screen grabs and embed the URLs as text: so this Prezi presentation took a bit longer to put together. The resulting presentation itself is somewhat like a live mind-map.

Like many similar presentation tools, you can embed the resulting presentation (it’s an adobe Flash object) in an HTML page, so it’s easy to add to Blackboard or a blog posting. It will be interesting to see what the students think!

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  1. I liked your presentation – I love using Prezi – its really nice for looping presentations in the background too!

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