International Seminars – Summer 2014

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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First Year Students – Fact or Fiction ?

Dr Celia Popovic – Director of the Teaching Commons at York University, Toronto

Tuesday 15th July, 12:00 – 14:00
Venue – Talbot 224

Seminar: First Year Students - Fact or Fiction ?

This workshop looked at some of the common preconceptions held by instructors of first year students and drew on research in the US and the UK to indicate which are likely to be well founded and which are not. It also discussed what can be done to address the issues raised by these preconceptions.

Dr Celia Popovic moved to Canada 3 years ago from the UK. She was formerly Head of Educational Staff Development at Birmingham City University. Her research interests include the first year experience, and her book co-authored with David Green – Understanding Undergraduates draws on this research in the US and the UK.


To view Celia’a presentation, please click here.

The video for this seminar is below. Click it to view. (1 hr 31 min 59 sec)

Curriculum Design for Assuring Learning

Associate Professor Romy Lawson – Director of Learning, Teaching & Curriculum at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales

Thursday 17th July, 11:00 – 13:00
Venue – Talbot 224

Seminar: Curriculum Design for Assuring Learning

This workshop looked at the implications of assurance of learning for academics … and for the student learning process. While assurance can assist in developing a well-aligned curriculum, it can also serve an important pedagogical purpose in providing feedback to students on their level of performance of skills essential for their discipline. Romy presented a very holistic approach to curriculum development and mapping.

Associate Professor Romy Lawson has been actively involved in teaching and learning development in higher education for over 18 years in both the UK and Australia. Recently she led a National OLT Strategic Priority Project – Hunters & Gatherers: Strategies for Curriculum Mapping and Data Collection for Assurance of Learning. Romy is also a 2013 OLT National Teaching Fellow.


Romy’s presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

Due to a couple of requested edits, the video for Romy’s session is is 4 parts … Click on each to view …

Romy Lawson – Part 1
(12 min 14 sec)

Romy Lawson – Part 2
(54 min 51 sec)

Romy Lawson – Part 3
(3 min 14 sec)

Romy Lawson – Part 4
(35 min 58 sec)

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