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Now we have moved to the new site and adjusted the focus to all learning and teaching rather than just with technology, is it time to continue with the reading group? When the group met before, we circulated a paper or article and had an open discussion for about an hour. There was also the opportunity to contribute online, both synchronously and asynchronously.

So a good thing to continue? Any suggestions for readings on hot topics for learning and teaching in Higher Education?


  1. Great idea – I had the same thought today.

    Perhaps group members could take it in turn to nominate the reading for the month?

  2. At a recent SALT workshop we talked about the “eductional jargon” that is used and which those who wish to develop their educational practice need to get to grips with if they are going to be able to use educational research effectively. Many are confident in their subject and their ability to teach it but not so sure of the language used in educational research; equally attendees were not sure of what were “reputable” journals and what were not. Perhaps the reading group could suggest good learning and teaching research papers and then part of the discussion could focus on the de-mystifying of the jargon as well as a discussion of the content.

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