Screenr really is easy!

Today I was asked to email some photos that I took of a band that played at the recent Swansea World Party Weekend and posted on Flickr. However, as each image is 2.6 Mbyte in size, I was reluctant to do this, and started to explain, in writing, how you can actually download an image from Flickr in it’s original size – providing the license permits sharing (of course). Then I thought, this is a job for a screen-casting tool, and I thought I’d give Screenr a trial. And it really is very easy!

There is no software to install (Screenr runs Java in a browser window to interact with your desktop). You simply select the area of your screen that you want to record, turn on your microphone, and record up to five minutes of video, and that’s it. You are asked to provide a description and then the video is automatically uploaded to Screenr’s site and associated with your twitter account. Once uploaded, the link to your video is tweeted and you get the option of sharing your video via a URL or embeddable video (like the one used here). You even get the option to share your mini-masterpiece on YouTube, without the hastle. It couldn’t be much easier.

So the next time a student, colleague, friend or your grandma asks you “how do I do such and such”, instead of writing that long winded email, or composing a list of instructions with associated screen captures, follow the link to Screenr instead. It’s almost guaranteed to be quicker and at the same time you’ll be polishing your reputation as the local guru.

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