Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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There are a number of software and hardware tools which can be used for learning and teaching that are paid for and supported by the University.

Pebble Pad is an e-portfolio … but it is also much more than an e-portfolio ! It is a Personal Learning System being used in learning contexts as diverse as schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by learners, teachers and assessors; for Personal Development Planning (PDP), Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Learning & Teaching.


Wimba Create

Quickly and easily convert your Microsoft Word documents into content for your Blackboard modules. From one Word document you can generate a set of webpages that include navigation and interactive features which can quickly be uploaded to your course.



Blackboard is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), or Learning Managment System (LMS) used at Swansea University. An online learning resource available to all registered students, which enables lecturers to create online module support pages comprising of materials and communication tools, to be accessed by students studying that module.The primary purpose of the system is to support and enhance traditional campus based learning, though it is equally suitable for more innovative approaches in distance learning and community education.

Lecture Theatre Equipment

Lecture Theatre Equipment

We have produced some video guides, leading you through the workings of the new equipment in lecture rooms and theatres across campus.

Welsh Video Network

Video Conferencing

The Welsh Video Network involves the distribution and support of videoconferencing studios and other video facilities to all Further Education and Higher Education Institutions throughout Wales.

A clicker !


TurningPoint audience response system integrates completely into PowerPoint and allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a keypad or other hand-held/computer devices.



Turnitin offers a plagiarism detection service (looking for matches between papers submitted to the service and a wide range of other resources). The integrated GradeMark tool allows on screen marking and feedback to students. The whole system is fully integrated within Blackboard.

JISC MediaHub

JISC MediaHub

JISC MediaHub is a multimedia platform offering a wealth of digital image, video and audio collections accessible from a single interface. The new platform offers access to free-at-the-point-of-use images, video and audio content licensed for educational and research use, via an easy-to-use interface, cross-searching across all the collections and the ability to source content from a wide range of content-providers through a thumbnail and metadata search portal.

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