Using Google Earth

Lilia at Rough Castle © David Gill

Here are some ideas for using Google Earth (GE) for teaching.

1. Download GE software to the computer

2. Open GE

3. Place a marker

  • Click on yellow marker.
  • Move the marker to the precise point. (This can be moved later if you make a mistake.)
  • Type the name of the place, e.g. ‘Rough Castle’.
  • Press return key and then click ‘OK’.

4. Move marker

  • Ctrl+mouse: choose get info.
  • You can then move the location and add information.

5. Add a video

  • Go to YouTube, e.g.
  • Click on ‘Share’.
  • Choose ‘Embed’.
  • Unclick ‘include related videos’.
  • Choose size.
  • Copy code in box (CTRL+A, CTRL+A).
  • Open the information box on Google Earth, e.g. Rough Castle
  • Paste (CTRL+V) the code into the box.
  • Click OK
  • Video will run directly from tag.

6. Add a link

7. Save an image of the area
File — save — save image

Rough Castle using Google Earth

8. Save the locations to share with others

  • Create a folder under ‘places’, E.g. Antonine wall
  • Drag the locations into folder
  • Click on Antonine Wall
  • File — save — save my place as, e.g. Antonine_wall.kmz
  • Save file onto website, Blackboard, or email.

9. To use folder

  • In Google Earth, File+Open.
  • Navigate to kmz file and open.
  • If you want to keep file on your computer drag out of temporary area.

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