What’s in a name?

Mae’n ddrwg gennym ddim ar gael.

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 Are you bemused by acronyms and unknown software names? Wondering what on earth that list of sessions available as part of SALT IT month mean?sessiontitles

I’m not a learning technologist, and was initially bemused by the names that my colleagues seemed to be familiar with. Delicious, Diigo, Padlet, E-stream. What language were these people speaking? Klingon?
A similar thought crossed my mind in advertising SALT’s September IT month last week. I was planning on grouping the sessions by theme and communicating this to staff, but the SALT Lead in Engineering, Chris Jobling beat me to it! So all credit to Chris for the following excellent summary of how the IT tools can actually do to address teaching, learning and assessment pedagogical issues

During SALT’s September IT month, we have sessions on:

• Group Work supported by Pebble+ and Peer Assessed with WebPA
Developing Rubrics and Using Grademark for more efficient assessment and feedback.
• Lecture capture with eStream
Blended Learning and Making E-Lectures and also making your own videos with TedED or Powtoon.
• Using Twitter to get more students engaged and asking questions
• Developing your Blackboard Module, Doing More with Blackboard, Making Your Content Engaging
Curating educational resources, PADLET,
• Open Educational Resources with Xerte, Open Digital Badges
Personal productivity with OneNote
• Discuss with a new lecturer about his experiences in using technology this past year.

Will any of the above help you to improve your teaching? We hope so! Is there anything you need that isn’t covered? Let us know: salt@swansea.ac.uk.

Also, have a look at our website for userguides and the Help tab in Blackboard to answer key queries. There’ll be drop-ins at both campuses for your queries on using Blackboard starting in the next few weeks.

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