Fellowship Mentors

What are mentors?

Mentors are ‘critical friends’ who advise and support less experienced colleagues. In the case of the SAR, applicants will usually be allocated a mentor who has already gained fellowship status to at least the category that the person is applying.

Who can be mentors?

Mentors may not necessarily be from the same discipline/College. Mentors may not be assessors or be permitted to make final recommendations on their mentee’s application (if the mentor forms part of the SAR Assessment panel).

What support are mentors expected to provide?

At a minimum, the mentor will be expected to:

• Meet with the applicant at least twice to address any questions and encourage the applicant in his/her application process (this may be individually or within a group);
• Help applicants identify appropriate practice evidence;
• Provide feedback on a draft application/presentation.
• Where applications are rejected, to assist the applicant in responding to the feedback received (including a revised presentation).

Mentors may choose to undertake more than this, at their discretion and in discussion with the applicant. Full details about the role of mentors and their roles and responsibilities are outlined below.

SAR Assessor/Mentor Training

Mentors are themselves supported by training and support from SALT [See below and/or contact Louise Rees, Senior Academic Developer in SALT (salt@swansea.ac.uk)]. Further details are in the Mentoring/Assessor Training Framework document found below.

If you a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (or Senior Fellow) and would be prepared to act as a mentor, supporting colleagues in their application process, please contact SALT. We would be very pleased to welcome you on board!

SAR Mentor/Assessor Guide and Training Materials

Mentoring HEA Fellowship Guidance
HEA Mentor Contact Log
Resource Framework for Mentors and Assessors

Further details and resources may be found on the Fellowship Assessors webage and also on the Fellowship Resources webpage.

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