Fellowship Resources

SAR Overview documents

SAR Guidance 2017
HEA-Fellowship-Self-Diagnostic – what category of Fellowship is best suited to you? what level of evidence do you have?
Strengths and Weaknesses of applications – What are the strengths and weaknesses of applications?
Presentation Route Guidance – Guidance for those submitting via the Presentation Route
SAR Referee guidance

SAR Application Forms

There are two different categories of application form – for either the Presentation or Written Route.
These are on Pebble+® which you will have to be granted access to before being able to log in.  You can get Word versions of the application form below in which to prepare your application, but NOTE, you MUST submit your application using the online system.  Any applications submitted using the Word format will be returned to the applicant for revision.

Note: revised written application forms uploaded January 7 2016

 Fellowship Category  Presentation Route  Written Route
 Associate Fellows/Fellows  A1 – SAR Application A1 Pres Route – AF and FHEA 30.7.15  B1 – SAR Application B1 Written Route – AF and FHEA Jan 2016
 Senior Fellows  A2 – SAR Application A2 Pres Route – SFHEA 30.7.15  B2 – SAR Application B1 Written Route – SFHEA Jan 2016

The on-line application platform – Pebble+
HEA Application process – using Pebble+

Case Study Information for Senior Fellows 
SAR SF Case Study Guidance

Assessor Guidance
HEA Assessment Rubric
HEA Fellowship assessment sheet

Presentations available to support Applicants, Mentors and Assessors

Introduction to Swansea Application Route UKPSF D1 & D2 Features
Strengths and Weaknesses of a good application. Features of D3 Pebblepad and Assessor duties

Presentation for Mentors and Assessors

Reflective Writing  – See the Reflective writing Reference List and material on the Bb module HEA Fellowship Application for those actively writing their Fellowship application.

HEA and the UK Professional Standards Framework guidance
HEA Guidance on the UKPSF Areas of Activity, Core Knowledge and Professional Values

HEA Fellowship – direct link to the HEA website

Indicative Activities – what the UK PSF means in practice – some examples from Swansea

HEA’s Accreditation Resources: https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/institutions/accreditation/resources explains how the UKPSF applies to

Code of Practice for Fellows of the HEA.

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