Some of you will know that I was an enthusiastic user of the Flowgram on-line presentation tool. I made several presentations and web tours with it this session, including Effective Presentations (reported in Fresh and Crispy), How to Cite, Research Techniques and Tools – The Presentation, Introducing Blackboard, Pebble Pad and LEAP and an Introduction to Flowgram itself. Not all experiences were postive: for example, in Always Have a Plan B, things didn’t quite go to plan on the day, and beacuse of technical problems, How to Cite was finally published on Slideshare rather than Flowgram.

Even so, I am sad to report that, due to a failure to monetize their service in these difficult times, Flowgram will be shutting up shop at the end of the month. My only way to rescue my content is to convert it to video, which means that I’ll have to regenerate it in some other form next year. It also means that the Flowgram slide-shows will presumably disappear from both from this blog and Blackboard on that date.
I guess it serves as a salutory lesson about trusting your educational content to third parties, but i shall morn its passing.

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