Google Chrome

A major development in e-learning technology this week was Google’s September 2nd announcement and simultaneous release of a new web browser called “chrome”. Chrome is the term used for the user interface (menu bar, toolbar, tabs) in the browser. A key design feature of Google Chrome is to minimize Chrome’s chrome to allow the web browser to become effectively invisible. The philosophy of Chrome is discussed in several videos that have been posted in the Google channel on YouTube, but for me the key video is the run down of the top 10 features that is embedded here.

Given the existence of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, the question of whether the world is ready for another browser remains open, but the mere existence of application shortcuts and incognito mode means that I shall be trying Chrome. You can try Chrome too by visiting


  1. Seems to have caused quite a bit of debate

    It does seem pretty fast but what will Google do with all that information?

  2. @chris hall I guess Google are collecting much so about us via Google search that Chrome won’t do much more than consolidate its data gathering within its own browser! I’ve spent a day with it and though I’m missing my Firefox extensions, I’m not so far finding any problems with the browser itself. I really like the application mode where you go to your favourite web app and create a clickable executable icon: I’ve got flickr, gmail, zoho docs and google reader on my desktop now and it’s great!

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