How to create belonging and community in a virtual world

Image of a small card with symbols for phone,email, cellphone, chat and other forms of communicationIn this CANVAS-hosted 45 video, a NameCoach representative offer suggestions of building a sense of belonging among students before, during and towards their end of studies.
Phone is the most preferred method of communication, followed by personalised text/emails. (Minutes 4.50 – 6.30). Using CANVAS email and the Calendar, you can offer opportunities to book Office hour appointments (phone/chat/video-conference (Minutes 14 – 16, see chat around minute 19). You can also build belonging using the Discussions or Conferences features in CANVAS for non-topic sharing amongst the cohort e.g. to develop a connection on a personal level within an academic course. (Minutes 17 – 19). They offered 10 strategies for doing so then discussed three approaches in more detail. Their three approaches focused more on non-academic situations, e.g. induction/Open Days/personal tutorials/connection with extra-mural opportunities and also graduation to strengthen their belonging and recognise their identity (minutes 29-42).

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