Information & Support Sessions

Mandatory Programme Elements

SAR Information Sessions
These are 1 – 1½ hour guidance sessions giving a broad overview of the Fellowship scheme and is for everyone who is intending to submit an SAR Application at any category of Fellowship. The information sessions also provide an introduction to the UK Professional Standards Framework and provides a good opportunity for you to ask any questions. You must attend one of these sessions FIRST. To attend an information session, please book in advance by registering on our Events Page.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to access the corresponding resources on-line instead, please email Louise Rees (

You’ll be enrolled on a specific Blackboard module to access the resources.  There’s an online quiz which you must pass to confirm your understanding of the UKPSF and SAR process, before proceeding onto the support sessions.  This quiz applies to either way of accessing information – the in-person session or the on-line resources.

SAR Developing your HEA Fellowship Application Sessions

This 2 hour practical session is for staff who have already attended a SAR Information session/viewed the online resources and have passed the initial Quiz.

The session will start you writing your application in relation to the Areas of Activity of the UK PSF and consider the evidence you need to substantiate your account, include the Core Knowledge and Professional Values.  The specific assessment criteria of the SAR route will be covered.

This session is mandatory for staff wishing to apply for recognition of any of the three categories of Fellowship supported by the SAR route.  Applicants for both the Written and Presentation Route can attend. You only attend ONE.

Dates of Sessions – First mandatory for Session for ALL categories (choose ONE appropriate to your deadline)

(Booking is possible through staff enrolment on the Bb module and when the Fellowship Quiz is passed)

Date Time Campus
10 May 2017 2.15 – 4.30 Singleton Campus
16 May 2017 10 – 12.30 Singleton Campus
17 May 2017 2.15 – 4.30 Bay Campus
10 July 2017  10 – 12 noon Bay Campus
12 July 2017 2.15 – 4.30 Singleton Campus
18 July 2017 10 – 12 noon Singleton Campus
11-Oct-17 2.15 – 4.30 p.m. Singleton Campus
18-Oct-17 2.30-4.30 p.m. Bay Campus (TBC)

SAR Case Studies and Leadership

This 2 hour session will include a review of the Senior Fellow category requirements and explore the notion of leadership within the context of the HEA.  It will briefly review examples of Case Study topics, but the focus of the session will be on writing the Case Study.

This session is for Senior Fellow applicants only.  It should be attended AFTER the “Developing your Application Session”.  Applicants for both the Written and Presentation Route can attend. You only attend ONE.

Dates of Sessions – Mandatory session for Senior Fellows 

(choose ONE at least 3 months prior to your APPLICATION deadline)

(Booking is possible through staff enrolment on the Bb module and when the Fellowship Quiz is passed)

Date Time Campus
13 June 2017 10 – 12.00 Singleton Campus
21 June 2017 1- 3 pm Bay Campus
10 October 2017 11 – 1 p.m. Bay Campus (TBC)
13 October 2017 10 – 12:00 Singleton Campus


Optional Support Sessions/Resources

SAR Reflecting on your Practice

This optional 2 hour session will involve a brief introduction to reflective writing, but the focus of the session is on improving the reflective nature of what applicants may have already drafted as part of their Fellowship application.  This session is for anyone who has started drafted their application and wanting to further develop it (in any of the three categories of Fellowship).  Applicants for both the Written and Presentation Route can attend.

To attend a Reflecting on your Practice session, please book in advance by registering on our Events Page.

Here’s a Reference List if you’re interested in reading further on Reflective Writing, including some links to useful websites.

The Open University also has an excellent online resource for you in becoming a reflective practitioner.

Pebble+ for HEA Fellowship applications

Drop-in sessions will be run frequently on the lead-up to Application deadlines. To attend a drop-in Pebble+ session, please see the dates and if possible, book in advance by registering on our Events Page. Further resources and guidance on using Pebble+ can be found on the Blackboard HEA Fellowship application module.

Information Sessions and Support Workshops can also be arranged based on College affiliations. To arrange a session, email as far as possible in advance of your desired date.


  1. Not sure which level of category I’m interested in since the difference and requirements of each category isn’t clear.

  2. Hi Non, Don’t worry about selecting the Fellowship for the purposes of registering for an Information Session. Its just to indicate the breadth of interest. There is information on the Routes to Fellowship pages that is designed to help you choose the right category. Please contact me direct for any further help.

  3. are there other dates for HEA introduction planned please as unable to make the 25th November and to be truthful have no idea where to t=start with my application!
    kind regards

  4. Arrangements for sessions during 2016 are in hand, including exploring a self-paced Information Session. I’ll make contact with you directly for further assistance.

  5. Hi,

    If I have registered for the first two session of PGCert SL-M05, do I still need to attend these information sessions above?

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