iPad trial at Leicester City Council sparks union anger

“A union has criticised Leicester City Council for considering buying iPads for its councillors despite planning up to 1,000 job cuts.”


At the risk of being accused of continuing my one man campaign against the iPad, this story is typical of managers who don’t really know what they are doing, falling for the iPad hype. Why just iPads if they are running a trial? Why not the plethora of other devices. Then again, if all you know about technology is what Rory Cellan-Jones tells you and what you read in the Sunday papers……..


  1. In my experience we all hate Apple products until we've got one. Then there's this strange "Road to Damascus" moment that makes you see all of the glory and none of the downsides. The ayatollahs and fundamental evangelists could learn something from Mr Jobs.

    Still you're right about the flawed approach taken by Leicester council.

  2. Not always so. I have an iPod touch on my desk but bought an Android phone. Hmm…. but now Google seem to have gone all evil!

  3. Google not evil … just misunderstood. (Don't mention the volcano in Mountain View)

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