Academic Practice Literature

Suggested Reading

Author Date Tile Publisher Call No
Teaching and Learning in HE
Biggs J. and Tang C. 2007 Teaching for Quality Learning at University Maidenhead: Open University Press LB2331>BIG
Fry, H., Ketteridge, S. & Marshall, S. (eds). 2009 A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education London, New York: Routledge TBC
Race, P. (ed) 2009 In at the Deep End: Starting to teach in Higher Education Leeds Met Press TBC
Race, P. 2006 The Lecturers Toolkit Routledge Online access
Exley, K. & Dennick, R. 2004 Small group teaching: tutorials, seminars and beyond. London: Routledge Falmer. LB2331.E937 2004
Ramsden, P. 2003 Learning to teach in Higher Education. London, New York: Routledge LB2331>RAM
Reflective Learning
Jasper, M. 2013 Beginning Reflective Practice (2nd Edition) CENGAGE Learning CALL No TBC
Bulpitt and Deans (Eds) 2009 Connecting Reflecting Learning, Teaching and Assessment: Occasional Paper 10 HEA Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre CALL No TBC
HEA 2009 HEA STEM Teaching Reflective Writing presentation part of the New to teaching toolkit Teaching Reflective Writing
Valli, Y., Brown, S. & P. Race (eds) 2011 Cultural Inclusivity
Further Reading
JISC 2008 Assessment for learning: digital tools for effective practice JISC LB1029.3 B48 2008
Becher, T. 2001 Academic Tribes and Territories Philadelphia: Open University Press LB2322>BEC
Kreber, C. (ed) 2009 The University and its disciplines: Teaching and learning within and beyond disciplinary boundaries. London, New York: Routledge
Bryan, C. & Clegg, K. (ed). 2006 Innovative Assessment in Higher Education London: Routledge
Jackson, N., Oliver, M., Shaw, M. & J. Wisdom (eds). 2006 Developing creativity in Higher Education: An imaginative curriculum London: Routledge
Electronic Resources
JISC 2010 Effective Assessment in a Digital Age n/a See JISC Archive
JISC 2009 Effective Practice in a Digital Age: A guide to technology-enhanced learning and teaching n/a See JISC archive


  • Higher Education Academy New to Teaching Toolkit for staff who are starting out on, or returning to, a higher education teaching career. Search the Resources website by search term: NTT Toolkit Resources
  • Geoff Petty’s (author of Teaching Today) website is a bit school-centric in parts, but useful for general teaching advice and resources:
  • Directory of Open Access Journals has a range of open access journals across all subjects, including Education, which can be browsed or searched (these journals and articles do tend to come up in an iFind search anyway, but it’s useful to know about this:
  • ERIC, American based but lots of useful UK content on there, some of which is full-text, some may be accessible via iFind:
  • HEA Resources (research and papers):
  • EducatiON_LINE (from the British Education Index) – this is just an archive now since Ebsco took over the management and subscription of BEI, but this freely available resource was maintained 1986-2013, so it’s still fairly current. Good source for full-text conference papers, especially from the British Educational Research Association.

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