Mark Coleman – Sessions Teaching Block 1, 2018-19

EG-180 – Introduction to Materials Engineering

Number of Students: 160 (480 in total, taught in 3 batches)

Day, Time and Location: Friday, 10:00 – 12:00, Great Hall, GH043

Mark teaches this enormous group in three batches (160 each batch) and he has made all of his Friday session available for the rest of the teaching block.

He uses loads of hooks to keep his students engaged and manages the room very well, moving round all the time. There is a great atmosphere and students are happy to contribute in the sessions, verbally (answering questions and giving opinions) and physically (doing small demonstrations).

Mark uses lots of good analogies to cover tricky topics and is really engaging and enthusiastic. He promotes a very positive mindset in this students. “Can we do this ? Of course we can ! We’re Engineers … we can do what we like !”. They know they can’t really, but …

Brings his research into his teaching too.

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Teaching methods used:

  • Active Learning
  • Audience Participation
  • Large Student Numbers
  • Lecture
  • Problem Solving
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Workshop


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