Michele Raithby Session 3rd October 2018 Park Campus

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Session title: MSc Social Work

Number of students: Approx 20

Date, time and location: Wednesday 3rd October 2018, 10:00 – 12:30, Haldane 102.

Session outline:
This will be the first session with this Masters group, setting the scene for the module. Laying out ground rules, running over the learning outcomes, looking at the Blackboard resources, using exit slips to get student feedback at the start of the module. You’ll also see the bilinghual opportunity offered to Social Work students. This will be a useful illustration of how to start off with a group, with plenty of small group work exercises to get the students communicating wih each other and a good example of discussion and group management.

Teaching methods used in this session (click to expand / contract):

Active Learning
Audience participation  
Authentic learning
Feedback session  
Flipped learning  
Formative assessment  
Group work
Lab session  
Large student numbers  
Practical session  
Small student numbers
Summative assessment  
Technology enhanced learning  

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