Why I wear my inclusivity badge

Six people from different ethnic backgrounds holding each others wrists

When I first arrived at Swansea University, inclusive practice and diversity were just aspects that I aspired to embed within my pedagogy. I realized that I had lots to learn. The more learned, the more I realized that this would be very developmental and that I would always be learning. The best part of this process was that the learning was a shared experience, rather than simply reading and applying the things that I found. I was networking with colleagues and students, not just from Swansea University, but from other universities and outside agencies too. It was refreshing not to be working alone, I found being a lecturer was often a lonely job and opportunities to share pedagogic practices were rare. My role in SALT, however, has allowed me to reach all areas of Swansea University tapping into the expertise we have at our fingertips. Initially, I struggled to find these resources, as many of our colleagues are not too good at bragging about the excellent things that they do. So, once I found them I decided to share them. Which is why I developed three things:

First was the Swansea University Support mind map, which has links to all the main areas for staff and student support. From these links you should find anything that you might need to help you or your learners in matters of inclusivity.

The second was a platform to share ideas, so I created this blog. I hoped that it would become a vehicle sharing best practice, case studies, new reports and up to date policies. It is still early days, but here’s hoping!

The third thing I did was to turn the PG Cert tHE Inclusivity patch into an all staff CPD module. Now, the material I had collected and adapted to Swansea, is being shared to all staff, not just early career lecturers. Obviously, if you are reading this post you will of course know all about the module. So, your job is to add to the material and share good practice that you find. Good luck on your Inclusivity Journey, ask about a badge!

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