Peter Dorrington – EGA-214 Mechanical Engineering Design 2, TB2 2019/20, Bay Campus

EGA-214 Mechanical Engineering Design 2

Number of Students: 140 (not all at once though)

Day, Time and Location: Various, dates and times below, Virtual Reality (VR) Lab A123

We’ve been fortunate enough to be offered several sessions where Peter uses Virtual Reality (VR) with his students to carry out their conceptual product design and final design realisation in the virtual space. I heard Peter talking about the process in the VR conference held in Engineering last year. This is an excellent opportunity to see an example of using this emerging cutting edge technology.

Teaching methods used:

  • Active Learning
  • Discussion
  • Group work
  • Interactive
  • Practical Session
  • Problem Solving
  • Virtual Reality
  • Workshop

Concept Design Sessions (click on session date to book):

Design Realisation Sessions (click on session date to book):

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