How to Apply for Fellowship

What should I do first?

Have a discussion with your College Learning and Teaching Chair, SALT Lead or Line Manager and consider if a direct Swansea Application Route is appropriate for you and what category of Fellowship is most relevant.

There is a programme of support designed to provide the best support possible for submitting an application to your chosen deadline.

This programme involves:

  • Attendance at and/or viewing of the information session resources at least 3 months prior to the intended application deadline
  • Successful completion of a brief quiz about the UKPSF and Fellowship
  • Participation in an initial “Developing your Application Session”
  • 2 mentoring engagements timetabled to lead towards the application deadline.

Senior Fellows also have to attend:

  • an additional mentoring session to review the relevant evidence of leadership in learning and teaching AND
  • a writing support session on Case Study development.

Optional Support

There will be optional sessions/resources offered on reflective writing and on using Pebble+ software to make an application.


The Support Programmes, in summary

The Associate Fellowship and Fellowship programme is shown in diagrammatic form here, and the Senior Fellowship here.

For further details, take a look at this Powerpoint Presentation: HEA How to apply

Summary HEA process

There are two routes in which you can submit a claim for Fellowship – via a written submission or by presentation.  There are some core administrative elements to both routes, but there are different forms and then different requirements according to the category of Fellowship.

These are summarised in these overview documents:

Written Submission Summary or

Presentation Submission Summary

To help you start drafting your application, you could download the Word version of the relevant application form, according to the route you choose – see the Fellowship Resources page. However you will need to submit using the Pebble+® software and you will need to register for the above programme.

Academic misconduct

Applicants are provided with access to previously successful applications to review for guidance regarding completing the online form, the kinds of evidence to attach etc. Applicants are warned however that in any suspected cases of academic misconduct the University procedures regarding Conduct and Discipline will be applied.

How long is the application review process?

You should receive a decision within 12 weeks.  This takes into account the time for assessment, moderation and external review by the IT@S Panel. See the application review process diagram.

Application Review process

The SAR Application Review process

Other supporting materials include the SAR Guidance 2017, Guidance for Assessors and SAR Referee guidance.

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