SAR Panel

The role of the Swansea Application Route Panel

The SAR panel consists usually of at least one assessor from each assessor team (written and presentation), an external representative  and the Manager of SALT. The SAR administrator will provide support to the meeting. A minimum of 3 assessors, the external representative and the Manager of SALT are required for the panel to make decisions.

The SAR panel will have oversight of all applications.  Where all assessors are in agreement with the proposed recommendation, that recommendation will be adopted. Where disagreement exists between the assessors, the SAR panel will review the application and come to a decision. The agenda for each panel will list all submissions where the outcome is agreed, those for discussion and patterns of decision-making.

The SAR panel will pass all decisions to the IT@S panel for ratification. It is at this stage that further externality is applied to all decisions and further quality control is exercised.

The SAR panel will meet four times per year aligned with the IT@S panel and other programme panels (see Panel Dates).

The Terms of Reference for the SAR Panel can be found by clicking here.

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