Sian Rees Session 23rd March 2018 – Park Campus

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Session title: Issues and Crisis Management (MSP200R – PR Theory)

Number of students: Approx 40

Date, time and location: Friday 23rd March 2018, 12:00 – 14:00, Faraday D.

Session outline:

This session tries to bring quite a conceptual, theoretical topic to life for quite a disparate cohort of around 40 students (Theories of crisis and issues management). Looking at how organisations plan for and handle crisis communications.

The session runs as small class teaching within a large class setting and utilises multiple instances of small group “group work”, discussion and questioning to facilitate this. The module tries to ensure a group of 40 students engages with the material and engages with the teacher. An interactive seminar feel is the target, rather than that of a big lecture.

There are several breakout segments within the session where case studies are considered, and followed by discussion in groups and as a whole class (there is both discussion and discussion management here). The students work in groups of two or three, which also involves some group management and is a good example of using group work in a setting not designed for it !

Teaching methods used in this session (click to expand / contract):

Active Learning
Audience participation
Authentic assessment
Feedback session  
Flipped learning  
Formative assessment  
Group work
Lab session  
Large student numbers
Practical session  
Small student numbers  
Summative assessment  
Technology enhanced learning  

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