Sian Rees Session Teaching Block 1 – Park Campus

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Session title: Campaign Creativity (MSP300R – Strategy, Marketing and Branding)

Number of students: Approx 50

Date, time and location: TBC, but in week 4 of Teaching Block 1 2018-19, in Singleton and a 2 hour session.

Session outline:
This is a predominantly third year module (although students of other years do also attend) with a broad mix of home and international students.

This session will explore creative marketing techniques. A case study of Guinness brand advertising and campaigns, spanning 70 years, will be examined as an example of a body of award-winning innovative work relying heavily on creativity, grafted on to sound campaigning principles. The process of creative writing for campaigns will be explored, showing how to conceptualise and utilise creativity in conjunction with excellent campaigning practice.

The session essentially runs as small class teaching within a large class setting and utilises multiple instances of small group “group work”, discussion and questioning to facilitate this. The module has just these two hours of teacher contact per week and so tries to make a group of 50 students engage with the material and engage with the teacher. The aim is to give the two hours much more of an interactive seminar feel, rather than that of a big lecture.

There is also a strong element of formative assessment in the session as it is closely connected to the module assignment. There is quite a lot of work integrated within the lecture that prepares the student for what they will have to do for the assessment. For example considering one of the case studies that they need to do for the assignment.

There are two or three breakout segments within the session where practical real examples are looked at, and followed by discussion in groups and as a whole class (there is both discussion and discussion management here). The students work in groups of two or three, which also involves some group management and is a good example of using group work in a setting not designed for it !

Handouts are also given out that contribute to the practical aspects of the session and also provide exercises for the students to do in other parts of the session.

Teaching methods used in this session (click to expand / contract):

Active Learning
Audience participation
Authentic assessment
Feedback session  
Flipped learning  
Formative assessment
Group work
Lab session  
Large student numbers
Practical session  
Small student numbers  
Summative assessment  
Technology enhanced learning  

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