Simon Bott – 9th November 2018, Singleton

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Session title: Coordination Chemistry (CH-123 – Structure and Bonding 1)

Number of students: 35 – 40

Date, time and location: 9th November 2018, 09:00 – 10:00, Keir Hardie 250, Singleton

Session outline:
This session is flipped, with the content being held on Blackboard that students need to access before time. In the flipped material and in the session there is quite a bit of subject knowledge. This session also uses Kahoot.

You will be put on the Blackboard module to look at the content and do the warm up questions if you are going to attend this session.

Teaching methods used in this session (click to expand / contract):

Active Learning
Audience participation  
Authentic assessment  
Feedback session  
Flipped learning
Formative assessment
Group work  
Lab session  
Large student numbers  
Peer learning  
Practical session  
Problem solving  
Small student numbers  
Story telling  
Summative assessment  
Technology enhanced learning

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