TEL CPD Week – The Story Continues!

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May 13th-17th 2019 was TEL CPD week at SALT.

For the first time, we offered three ways to learn more about the pedagogical benefits of technology enhanced learning, in the space of one week: –

  1. TELTALKS19 – a programme of live online talks, using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  2. TEL Tools and Types of Learning Padlet – a digital bulletin board of links to a wide range of TEL Tools, aligned to Diana Laurillard’s six learning types, which lie at the heart of UCL’s ABC approach to learning design
  3. 7 Characteristics of Good University Teaching’ Seminar, a face to face session delivered by Dr Nigel Francis, Swansea University School of Medicine. Becoming a Better Teacher: A Flipped Approach’

Here’s a bit more information about each of the above and how you can still be involved. Lots of resources were generated that you can still engage with. Or, you can sign up for related CPD from SALT – see the links at the end of this blog!


Our online talks attracted lots of staff keen to learn more about webinar-type technology, who found the morning ‘Taster’ sessions a helpful introduction to the basics.  Many staff then built upon that experience by attending afternoon talks, which were on the following topics.

  • Polling as a Way of Engaging Large Groups
  • Padlet
  • Blended and Flipped Learning
  • Inclusivity and Technology Enhanced Learning

The afternoon talks enabled staff from around the university to come together and learn from one another’s knowledge, expertise and experience. There were lots of probing questions and comments to reflect on, simultaneously encouraging the development of skills in using an online, synchronous communication tool.

We thoroughly enjoyed connecting with Swansea University staff in this way. Sessions were lively, rich in content and varied in nature.

In feedback, our participants were enthusiastic about the possibility of using tools such as Blackboard Collaborate in their own teaching, learning, student and staff communication.

To the question…

‘Would you use webinar technology like this in the future?’

85% of participants said ‘YES’
15% said ‘MAYBE’


This word cloud represents how participants thought they could use it.



If you would like to learn more about using Blackboard Collaborate, accessing our recordings or would like to express interest in taking part in future TELTALKS, please contact SALT Senior Academic Developer & Blackboard Collaborate Pilot Lead Debbie Baff .

Debbie’s Blackboard Collaborate Pilot Padlet contains some more helpful information:

TEL Tools and Types of Learning Padlet

This is still available to engage with. Scroll down each column to learn more about the types of learning and the digital technology tools that can be used alongside or instead of more conventional methods of learning. Contribute by adding comments or posts of your own.

TEL Tools & Types of Learning Padlet

7 Characteristics of Good University Teaching Seminar

Dr Nigel Francis, Swansea University School of Medicine, Becoming a Better Teacher: A Flipped Approach’

This well-attended event was held at A019, the Active-Learning space at The Bay campus, and prompted lots of ‘flipping’ discussion!

Nigel’s first delivery of this seminar (held at SALT in March) is now available to watch.


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Queries on TEL CPD Week/SALT CPD please contact:  Rhian Ellis 01792 604302 or

Twitter @susaltteam #susaltcpd  #TELTALKS19

Also see:

UCL ABC approach to Learning Design Toolkit  

Laurillard, D. Six Learning Types (2002) 

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