The Myths and Opportunities of Technology in the Classroom

This is quite US centric and based more on schools than HE but still has some interesting ideas. However, the teacher as enabler not at the centre is nothing new. As I’ve said many times before, it’s just the method used in TEFL. Perhaps everyone should spend some time in ELTS?


  1. I'd like to state that no lobsters were harmed in the making of this movie but suspect that I can't 😉

    I like some of the ideas … although I can't quite see teacher as facilitator working when the outcome of the teaching class has to be some credit points and a grade. At some point, the facilitator has to become the assessor!

    Can you share some of your experience as TEFL so that we can benefit from the change in mindset.

    I also noted that the Mobile Learning Institute have Person and Nokia listed as supporters … they're hardly disinterested when it comes to promoting new models for learning.

  2. Person and Nokia – good point. They are are clearly not disinterested.

    I'll put down some thoughts about TEFL and e-learning

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