Supporting Statements for your HEA Fellowship application

How many supporting statements are needed?

Two supporter statements must also be submitted with the completed application form for all categories of Fellowship.

Who can provide a supporting statement?

Supporters are expected to be knowledgeable about the UKPSF and be able to confirm the applicants experience with reference to the Dimensions of the Framework and the category of Fellowship applied for.

Staff who have retired from HE within the last 6 months are eligible to be supporters.

At least one of the supporters MUST hold the category of Fellowship of the HEA for which the applicant seeks recognition. At least one supporter must be employed at Swansea University at the time of submission.

Supporters should not be in conflict of interest with the applicant.  Therefore supporting statements from family members are NOT permitted.

What must applicants do?

Applicants are responsible for obtaining their supporting statements and at least one supporter must have, at minimum, Fellowship of the HEA.

The statements must be included with their application by the deadline.

Applicants should provide their completed application to their supporters for review and comment before submission since they will be asked to comment on specific examples.

Supporters must complete the proforma relevant to the category of Fellowship sought by the applicant.

AFHEA Supporters Template

FHEA Supporters Template

SFHEA Supporters Template

Supporters send their completed statement to the applicant for him/her to include with their application and submit by the deadline.

Can I re-use previously submitted references/supporting statements?

No. You can use the same people, but an amended statement must be supplied which confirms your suitability for the category of Fellowship sought. Supporters must review the relevant category descriptor to frame their statement and are encouraged to refer to it and the UKPSF Dimensions of Practice when composing their statement.

For further information, consult the Guidance for provision of  Supporting Statements – HEA Fellowship


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