To Tweet or not to Tweet

The BBC has reported on a Harvard study of the use of Twitter (“Twitter hype punctured by study“, June 9, 2009). Here are some findings:

  • “Just 10% of Twitter users generate more than 90% of the content”
  • “more than half of all people using Twitter updated their page less than once every 74 days”
  • “most people only ever “tweet” once during their lifetime”

I clearly tweet a little more than this. I have 74 updates and I last twittered today … about … Twitter.


  1. Although I do use Twitter and it's quite useful I find it's main use is for updating my Facebook status. Not sure yet whether it will change the way we live, as Time argue,8599,1902604,00.html

  2. I love Twitter and appear to be the founder member of the 'Trinity Twits' as we have been dubbed!! I tend to use it as a source of info and resources mainly and of course one can folow a wide range of folk now..including 10 Downing Street and a selection of newspapers – because it is quick and easy to access…I found this post through Twitter for example. Then again, I am really keen on social networks like Ning too and realise that both Twitter and Ning are perhaps aquired tastes, which is fair enough I guess.

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