Use Turningpoint? There may be an app for you.


If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch and use Turning point, there’s a nifty new app for running your Turningpoint presentations. I’ve had a play with it and seems to do pretty much as it says it does, including viewing the votes as they are coming in and adding new polls on the fly.

If you don’t have an an iPhone or iPod and want to try it out , we have an iPod Touch in the SALT offices, that we use for testing, that you are welcome to have a play with.

From the Turning Point site –

“The app allows users to open and close polling instantly, as well as view dynamic and final results before displaying to the class. In addition to advanced polling functionality, PresenterWare also provides control of PowerPoint slide movement and shows presenter notes to the instructor only. The application operates in conjunction with the latest versions of TurningPoint PC and TurningPoint AnyWhere for PC and Mac. PresenterWare requires a WiFi connection to operate. The computer running TurningPoint or TurningPoint AnyWhere must be on the same local network.”

More information from here

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