What do our students think?

I’m going though some of the Benchmarking data at the moment and was putting some though Wordle. Chris Jobling suggested I put some of the information here. So, here it is. There are three Wordles (is that a word?) based on questions that were asked to students. There were 960 responses to each questions. Interesting?

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What has been the best use of technology to enhance and support your learning that you’ve experienced while you’ve been at Swansea University?

How would you like to see technology used to support and enhance your learning?

Do you have any other comments? [On the use of technology to support and enhance learning and teaching]


  1. It looks to me that a summary of these responses could be that students at Swansea like to "use and access lecture notes on-line" … which implies that our e-learning provision here is about right!

  2. Could it be that, in general, this is what we offer them? Does that then encourage them to be passive consumers of infomation rather than be actively engaged in their own learning?

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