What does Excellence look like ? 10th October 2018

SALT recently held an event in Taliesin Create to celebrate, and consider the connection between, Swansea being awarded TEF Gold and the excellent teaching and student support recognised by the ELTA and ESSA awards.

Teaching Awards

PVC Professor Martin Stringer opened the event by making the link between excellence and TEF Gold and championed the important ongoing role of both excellent teaching and learning and student support in our institutional development.

Each of the 2018 ELTA winners then offered their own perspective on their approach, having reflected on the nominations that won them the award.

It was an excellent event (even though I do say so myself, and please pardon the pun !), which offered many insights for teachers and there was a great exchange of ideas in the room. It was also an event that deserved a wider audience, so videos of the ELTA winner’s contributions are embedded below !

Dr Mark Coleman (Engineering)

Dr Timothy Davies (Engineering)

Debbie Rowberry (Human and Health Science)

Debbie Jones (Law and Criminology)

Dr Jafar Ojra (School of Management)

Dr Gary Tam (Science)

Dr Tim Burns (Science)

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