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Do you have an excellent lecturer ? Is your teacher outstanding ? Do you think your tutor is amazing ?

Has a librarian salvaged your referencing ? Did Student Services fix your finances ? Did your School Office save your enrolment ?

If so please recognise their efforts by nominating them for one of the Swansea Excellence Awards 2021 / 22

Nomination links below …

Feel free to nominate from either Semester ONE this year (2021 / 22), or Semester TWO last year (2020 / 21)

We run three different awards every year, and you can make a single nomination for each of them if you want to:

  • The Excellence in Learning and Teaching Award (ELTA)
    (an award for an individual member of teaching staff, to recognise individual excellence in teaching)
  • The Excellence in Student Support Award (ESSA)
    (an award for non-teaching staff, to recognise individual and / or team excellence in supporting students) and …
  • The Excellent Teaching Team Award
    (an award for teaching teams – NOT individual teachers – either the collection of teachers who deliver your course as a whole (so more like a course team) or where a module is team taught – so maybe more than one lecturer in the room at a time, or one lecturer one week, another one the following week etc.)

Remember, you can only nominate once for each award.

(If you nominate more than once for any of the awards, your first nomination will be accpeted and any others will be ignored)

To nominate for an award (and for more information), please click the appropriate link below:

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