Turnitin Feedback Studio

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Turnitin, together with its integrated on-screen marking tool Feedback Studio, is rapidly spreading its reach through the whole of the higher education sector in the UK and indeed the world. It is well on its way to ubiquity!

The similarity checking system instantly checks student work using pattern recognition algorithms and against a database containing 45+ billion web pages, 337+ million student papers and 130+ million articles from academic books and publications. The report shows individual sources allowing you to understand what is original and what isn’t, enabling the academic to make a judgement as to whether there are issues with writing and referencing, or if there is Academic Integrity to be dealt with too.

Feedback Studio facilitates online marking, saving instructors time and providing richer feedback to students by allowing comments to be made directly onto the script. Personal comment banks are included, which save time by avoiding typing out the same comments repeatedly. It also contains features such as a rubric tool and a voice recorder, enabling recorded commentary to be offered.

Guidance on Feedback Studio is provided in the Turnitin Canvas CPD Course aimed at Swansea University Staff.  (Click on the hyperlink to enrol).

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