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Xerte is a tool that allows you to:

  • Rapidly create quality interactive learning resources or get learners creating for each other.
  • Use Xerte objects online or export and use offline where connectivity is limited.
  • Put together different page types for different pedagogical purposes – eg presenting information, exploring alternative viewpoints, assessing understanding or providing open ended explorations.
  • Easy to share and adapt other’s learning resources.
  • Instant online – click Publish and set the object property to Public and your learning resource is viewable on the web at the url supplied.
  • Mobile friendly – html5 export works on a range of smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Set more quizzes but do less marking

Xerte Online Toolkits has been recently introduced at Swansea University, with the initial showcase being delivered during the Make One Change Campaign as part of September’s Top Tools.  The presentation and accompanying blog post can be found here.

If you want to get started with Xerte, then please contact Helen Davies, who will set you up with an account and provide you with advice and guidance on getting started.

Training sessions currently being scheduled include:

Designing for Learning:  This will include storyboarding, teaching resources, accessibility, Blackboard minimum.  While this will be aimed at planning an interactive learning object using Xerte, it can also be adapted to plan your teaching, or indeed any other resource creation

Getting Started with Xerte:  This will take the form of a practical session that includes setting up your account and logging in, an overview of the different page types, and tasks that allow you to create your first learning object.

Going Further with Xerte:  This again will be a practical session with elements that include the optional features of the various page types, collaborating with others, publishing your learning object and RSS Feeds

Practical Workshop:  SALT are looking to hold workshops where you bring your materials and we’ll help you to create your learning objects.  You will be able to drop in and out, or come to the workshops on a regular basis and learn to repurpose your materials and make them interactive.

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