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Blackboard (branded as MyStudies) is the University’s virtual learning environment, that can be used from anywhere, at any time of the day or night.

Blackboard is widely used as a way to get resources for your subject or module, to your students. In addition there are also many other tools for:

  • Content delivery
  • Communication
  • Assessment
  • Interactive learning tools

BlackboardBlackboard allows you, and your students, to create (amongst other things) blogs, wikis and pod casts. It enables opportunities for students to be involved in collaborative group work and individual assessments. There are self marked tests and plagiarism checking facilities through Turnitin.

To get started with Blackboard, the first step is to get to know the Blackboard system … to log in and navigate around the system and try things out. Contact the Blackboard team for an account if you haven’t got one –

There are regular drop in sessions (usually every week) to help you in using the system, where you can come, ask questions, get things fixed and get help with what you are trying to do. These sessions are advertised on a weekly basis.

There are also a range of support resources available from the Help tab in Blackboard.

University Minimum Requirements for Blackboard Modules

In order to enhance the information provided to students and develop the use that the University makes of Blackboard, a minimum requirement has been set for Blackboard module sites by the University Learning & Teaching Committee.

All new Blackboard module sites will be created with a course template matching the list below:

Module Information
Module Content
Assessment & Feedback
Staff Contacts
Staff Support
(this menu item is for staff only and is not viewable by students)

Additionally all lecture materials should be made available on Bb in advance of the lecture (at least 24-hours in advance).

You can download the Learning & Teaching Committee Papers that outline the Minimum Requirements for each module site below.

Original Blackboard Minimum Requirements

Amendment to Blackboard Minimum Requirements for Inclusive Culture


For information on the the University’s Intellectual Property Policy please visit our Policies and Procedures page.


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  2. Is there a process I need to go through to put scanned book chapters onto BB for student’s to access? Or should I just do it myself (I know how to, I just didn’t want to inadvertently breach any copyright regulations).

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  4. How can I get enrolled on to a module as an instructor in order I can access the module information

  5. Hello

    Can you clarify the university policy on placing seminar material on Blackboard? Is there a relevant policy document?

    Thank you

    Sebastian Kitching, SoM

    • Hi Sebastian,

      The policy document (VLE minimum requirements – link on this page above) only mentions lecture materials, as you’ve probably noticed, hence the question.

      Very possibly you could just extrapolate a bit and think along the lines of if you have materials for a seminar of the sort that could be put onto Blackboard, just put them up as if it was a lecture … and if you haven’t then don’t. I think that’s what I’d do.

      If you want something more definitive, I’d guess either someone in your College could point you towards something (maybe Marie Campbell-Davies, or Emma Lydiard-Jenkins ?), or failing that I know Phil Maull (Head of Academic Quality Services) in the Abbey has been looking at the Blackboard Minimum requirements with an eye to updating them for a while, so he might be able to help you more.

      Hope that is of some use,


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