A day in the life of the LGBT+ officer

LGBTQ+ officers sitting on steps smiling

As the (open place) officer I work with students and staff to improve equality, diversity, and LGBT+ representation. Alongside this I am also in the process of completing my PhD in Economics, researching the role of sexual orientation in the economy. Recently I was honoured to have earned my inclusivity…

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John Knight Session 17th July 2019 – Singleton Campus

This is a first year lecture to the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students. It will build upon the knowledge that the students have gained in the first and second semesters of their programme. EMTs, together with paramedics, are typically the first responders to emergency medical situations and require a deep understanding of the pathophysiology associated with a diverse variety of emergency …

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John Knight Session 5th March 2019 – St David’s Park, Carmarthen

This is a first year lecture to the students on the Non Medical prescribing module. These students are normally experienced nurses taking this module to allow them to develop their knowledge of physiology and pharmacology to a level where they are safe to prescribe medications in a clinical environment. It will build upon the knowledge …

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Experiential Learning and The 7Cs

Professor Richard Owen, from the Hilary Rodham Clinton School of Law, recently presented a great  ‘7 Characteristics of a Good University Teacher’ seminar at SALT. In this very enjoyable and well-attended session, Richard explained …

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The Gift of Inclusivity

What did you get for Christmas? Among all the shoes, books, hand knitted jumpers, umbrellas and chocolates, I received one gift just before Christmas that was very different from all the others. I was asked if I would be happy to receive an inclusivity badge from the University. This is…

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LGBT+ Inclusion and Pronoun Pin Badges

Swansea University Pronoun Badges on a Swansea Uni lanyard

By Cath Elms, c.l.elms@swansea.ac.uk As the university’s Equality Advisor and LGBT+ Staff Network co-chair, I specialise in LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) inclusion for staff and students at the university. My work involves providing advice and support on LGBT+ issues at work and study. I also lead on the university’s…

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On Travelling in Cameroon

It is now just over a week since I got back from two weeks in Cameroon, and I am still adjusting to the cold. It was a great visit and there was so much to learn and to enjoy. The people of Cameroon were so welcoming and friendly. The first…

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Why I wear my inclusivity badge

Six people from different ethnic backgrounds holding each others wrists

When I first arrived at Swansea University, inclusive practice and diversity were just aspects that I aspired to embed within my pedagogy. I realized that I had lots to learn. The more learned, the more I realized that this would be very developmental and that I would always be learning. The…

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