Distinguished Teaching Award 2012

Do you have an excellent lecturer? Is you teacher outstanding? Do you think your tutor is amazing?

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If so please recognise their efforts by nominating them for the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Distinguished Teaching Awards are awarded annually to those members of staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the student learning experience. We want you to recognise your excellent lecturer, outstanding teacher or amazing tutor by nominating them for the Distinguished Teaching Award.

The Distinguished Teaching Award demonstrates the appreciation by students of the quality of the teaching that they have received, and all students will be given the opportunity to nominate their lecturers for this award.

How do I nominate someone?

Each lecturer must receive be nominated by two separate students. Once two separate student nominations have been received a supporting nomination from a colleague and the Head of College will be completed.

So, if there is a great teacher you would like to nominate, download the nomination form from the link below and then upload the completed nomination. Please encourage fellow students to nominate your lecturer. Completed nominations must be uploaded no later than Friday 27th April 2012

DTA Nomination Forms



Upload completed Nominations

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Further information about previous winners ?

Can be found by clicking here

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