Ada Lovelace Day

It’s Ada Lovelace Day today and spurred on by Sue Charman-Anderson thousands have signed a pledge to post today about women who have made an impact in technology. The Guardian is supporting this effort and items are expected on the BBC News Channel at around 8.20 pm today. My rather lame post on Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is “in press” and I’ll be watching the Twitter feed FindingAda with interest.

More information on Ada Lovelace Day are to be found at Finding Ada and the collection of posts is at the Ada Lovelace Day collection.

But my real question is who would you highlight? My recollection is that there have been quite a few formidable women in Swansea LIS over the years and there are one or two still around who are active in Learning Technology. It’s not too late to sign the pledge and celebrate one or more of these role models!


Contributers are directing third posts to Twitter hashcode #ald09 and you can follow the conversation on Twitter here and on Tweetizen here.

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