Be a Sharp Nosed Scholar !


cc licensed flickr photo by gak:

Are you regretting your choice of academic discipline ?

Is being a Professor of Economics* just not all you thought it was going to be and you’re wishing you’d followed your alternative dream of studying papyri in the shade of the shifting dunes on the west bank of the Nile, under the watchful eye of hungry crocodiles hoping you might accidentally stumble in their direction … and offer them lunch … ?

Well, maybe it isn’t too late !

Oxford University is looking for help transcribing 1000s of fragments of papyri from the Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus (The City of The Sharp Nosed Fish) and has housed the scanned fragments in a new website:

The texts are all in Greek but cunningly the website contains all the necessary tools for you to start your career transformation into a classical scholar in no time !  (well … actually, quite a bit of time as this isn’t exactly fast paced work …)

*(amend as required)

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