Dickens, The Beatles and Beowulf

What have the subjects in the title of this post got in common ?

Well, they are all part of the offerings in the new app from the British Library (£2.39 iPhone and Android, £3.49 for the iPad).

The Treasures app is designed to enable you to interact with over 100 museum artifacts from anywhere (even in the museum ! :-), including “literary, historical, music-related and scientific documents – alongside illuminated manuscripts and sacred texts“. Audio, video and high definition images have all been exploited to create a multimedia experience.

See the official announcement here.

They’ve even dusted off old island castaway Ben Fogle, re-branded him as an explorer and got him to talk about Captain Scott’s diary !

Mind you, in the screen shot they’ve used of him on one of the app’s webpages, he looks rather alarmed by the whole thing …

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