Diigo – A social bookmarking site for the tenties?

Today, I participated in the weekly early #lrnchat on Twitter. And very useful it was too. Today’s topic was Knowledge Management Tools and during the discussion a couple of new ones that I was not aware of were mentioned. Of these, I think it’s worth talking a bit more about is the new (to me) social bookmarking service called Diigo.

Diggo is a service that starts with all the features provided by the venerable delicious.com, and builds on them by adding web site highlighting, screen captures with annotations, and sticky notes. The mobile version (for Android) adds photo notes and other features. Audio, video and bibliography tools are promised for a later version. Importing your delicious.com book marks is simple and Diigo can be set to post bookmarks you add in Diigo to your delicious.com account (but not the other way round). You can also share them with your social networks.
Unfortunately you cannot import your delicious networks.
A couple of further novel features are that your followers on Diigo can comment on your publicly shared resources; and there are Diigo educational accounts that let qualified persons create private workspaces for their classes and students.
Diigo’s stated mission statement is an evolution towards “your dream information management tool.” It is ad supported at the moment and, without a big backer (delicious.com is a Yahoo! service), there’s always the danger that it might become a paid-for service sometime in the future. It does however have some interesting features, and I’ll be giving it a trial run for a few weeks. If you want to join me, you’ll find me at www.diigo.com/user/cpjobling.

Back to the #lrnchat session on Knowledge Management tools, If you want to contribute to the discussion, the questions asked were:
  • Q1) What tools do you use to manage the digital information you collect?
  • Q2) Do you use the same tools for your job as you do your personal information?
  • Q3) Which sorts of tools do you wish you had?
  • Q4) Which personal tools do you wish you could use at work?

You can answer in the comments or on Twitter using hastag #lnrchat. And remember, the next #lrnchat will be next Thursday at 16.30 BST (17.30 GMT).
The full transcript for today’s early #lrnchat is here.

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